A little bit about Me

Front-end Architect, UX Designer, and huge nerd from the UK. My industry expereince spans over 10 years of making effective, manageable and scalable sites for clients from all over the world, such as Recruitment Genius, Visit Kent and Love & Company.

I like clean and simple, user-centric design. My primary focus is perfecting user experiences and optimising workflows - if Sass, BEM, Grunt, or Critical Rendering Path mean anything to you then we can be friends.

About this site

In my adventures on the front lines of web development I occassionally like to write about things that I find interesting. This is my platform to do so.

Here is a rundown of the technical side of this site for those of you that enjoy reading about that kind of stuff:

  • It was created with a MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2012)
  • Coded with Sublime Text
  • The site is powered by Jekyll, the open-source site generator
  • Hosted on Github Pages
  • The fonts used throughout the site are Montserrat and Roboto Slab, via Google Fonts
  • New posts are written in Markdown

The design and code powering this site is not available for re-use or purchase.

For comments or questions, feel free to ask me on GitHub, on Twitter, and of course, if you must, via email at tom at sturge dot co.