• Personal Site v1

    Personal Site v1

    A simple single page design that went through a few stages of improvement, one of which was the replacements of images that create the box to use just CSS3 shapes.

  • Joe's Holiday Home

    Joe's Holiday Home

    A simple one page site to advertise a letting for a home in Cornwall.

  • Sean Hyson

    Sean Hyson

    A magazine like site based on a custom CMS for the fitness editor at Men's Fitness magazine

  • Advanced Transmission Specialists

    Advanced Transmission Specialists

    A site based on a custom CMS for a vehicle specialists on Illinois, US

  • Bodyfat Meltdown

    Bodyfat Meltdown

    A promo site based on a custom CMS for Jared Meacham, a fitness trainer in Okalhoma, US

  • 4th Coast Fitness

    4th Coast Fitness

    A site based on a custom CMS for a fitness professional in Minnesota, US

  • Bjorn Rosinger

    Bjorn Rosinger

    A site based on a custom CMS for a German fitness trainer and writer

  • Crossfit San Elijo

    Crossfit San Elijo

    A site based on a custom CMS for a CrossFit organised specialized in easing you into a new way of experiencing fitness.

  • Ben Bruno

    Ben Bruno

    A WordPress site for a personal trainer based in Hollywood, US

  • Joes Holiday Home

    Joes Holiday Home

    A logo for a home letting site.

  • Skyblu Studios

    Skyblu Studios

    A logo for a project management company.

  • SB Security

    SB Security

    A logo for a security company.

  • Phase Five Fitness

    Phase Five Fitness

    A WordPress site for a CrossFit gym based in Brandon, Florida, specializing in fitness

  • Roman Fitness System

    Roman Fitness System

    The WordPress site for John Romaniello. New York Times bestselling fitness author, super hero fitness geek, lover of Intermittent Fasting, and defender of cheat days.

  • Green Clean Queen

    Green Clean Queen

    A WordPress site for a small residential cleaning business operating in the Portland, US.

  • Arrowhead Design

    Arrowhead Design

    A logo created for a company that specialised in print and web design. The concept is a mouse point made out of folded paper.

  • Personal Site v2

    Personal Site v2

    The second iteration of my personal site. Featuring more focused writing platform and a showcase for my working experience.

  • Recruitment Genius

    Recruitment Genius

    A recruitment services for companies looking to advertise roles that require better feedback about applicants with a number of automatic tools

  • Bodsham School

    Bodsham School

    A Code Club I setup to start teaching kids aged 9-11 at the beginning of 2014.

  • The John Wesley School

    The John Wesley School

    My second Code Club; a great opportunity to expand my chance to teach more kids and help them learn how to code.