Making beautiful responsive and semantic user experiences for over 10 years. Working with individuals, small businesses and large international teams to create a wide variety of internet products. Specialising in front-end development, utilising modern JS technologies and agile workflows.

The John Wesley School

My second Code Club; a great opportunity to expand my chance to teach more kids and help them learn how to code.

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  • Bodsham School

    Bodsham School

    A Code Club I setup to start teaching kids aged 9-11 at the beginning of 2014.

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  • Recruitment Genius

    Recruitment Genius

    A recruitment services for companies looking to advertise roles that require better feedback about applicants with a number of automatic tools

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  • Personal Site v2

    Personal Site v2

    The second iteration of my personal site. Featuring more focused writing platform and a showcase for my working experience.

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